Monday, 3 October 2011

Wedding Guest's Signing Board - A Huge Hit!

As a Yorkshire Wedding Photographer, my wedding products have to be cutting edge to satisfy my insatiable appetite for the perfect presentation.  My clients certainly appreciate this obsession and a really good example of such a product  is the guests' signing board which I supply for EACH and EVERY wedding I photograph.

The signing board is a superb alternative to the more traditional signature book and to be honest, if the Bride and Groom's Mums don't take this kind of book from table to table, they just don't get signed!

The signing board for my clients takes pride of place usually near the top table or the wedding cake and is a beautiful visual to greet guests as they they enter the wedding breakfast room.  As soon as one guest signs the board, the floodgates are open and the board gets filled throughout the rest of the day.

A tremendous keepsake which I usually end up framing for the vast majority of my couples, the signing board has become a real focal point at weddings that I attend.

The shoot that provides the image for the board is a fab way for myself and my couples to re-connect often after 18 months without seeing each other and it also allows me to get couples really comfortable in front of the camera.

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